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“Slow and steady wins the race.” This adage is quite relevant when we analyse the role being played by the Media Manch (the monthly magazine published from ( Lucknow) and the journey completed by it during the past 12 years. A brief and simple ceremony was organised recently to celebrate the completion of its 12 years. Obviously, the period of 12 years is not short. For those who are behind the publication of this journal, it is a matter of pride that their sustained efforts have brought an encouraging success. Naturally, such a success of any venture gives a solid reason to be elated and high-spirited.

          During the past 12 years, the readers of the Media Manch have increased manifold as they find a variety of interesting and thought-provoking issues covered by the magazine every month. Not only, the issues are covered by the journal with a critical analysis but also the views of senior journalists and columnists are published prominently.
A wide coverage is given to international issues (particularly those related to the neighbouring countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and China), national and state politics, education, science, administration, art and culture, sports, fashion, cinema rural and agricultural developments.         

 Of course, Media Manch has also exposed rampant corruption in some important institutions.
The reasons behind the success of the journal are simple to understand: Those heading the editorial and the management teams are competent and dedicated and they tackle challenges with wisdom, chalk out strategy for the betterment of the journal with the advice of senior and experienced professionals. Besides, success inspires them to work harder and employ better techniques to improve the product. In a nutshell, they prefer toil to celebrations











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About Media Manch

Media Manch has touched the soul of every category and gave attention to all aspects of life and society. This magazine circulates the proper information about the international affairs and also gives light to national and regional issues.

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